My name is Abraham SquirrelHeart,  I am substitute teaching for The Treehouse Guru, who is on vacation at the moment. I don’t know everything there is to know about Treehousery, as we call it, but I know that I love trees. And I love treehouses. I lived in a treehouse for about 8 years. It was the first treehouse that I built as an adult. I loved being in that tree house, sleeping in that tree house, working in that tree house (I kept a web page for a radio news show every weekday evening for two years in that treehouse, and I ran a small insurance adjusting business from that treehouse for another two years).  I’ve moved from there though, and  I don’t have a treehouse of my own anymore (sad), but I still love designing and building treehouses because I know how great they are. And I think everybody should have one. Especially in this climate (SF Bay area).

A treehouse can a sanctuary for so many purposes. A treehouse can be your own personal retreat center,  a private place for yoga, for prayer or meditation, a natural sanctuary when you just feel like getting away from it all, away from the chaos of everyday life, to find comfort and  relaxation.  Or maybe it’s the most fun place you have to hangout with the kids, to play video games or to to help them work on their schoolwork. I try to design a desk area into all the treehouses that I build for clients with children. I did some research into the environmental factors that help children learn, and, wouldn’t you know it, being in nature is right up there number one. A historical footnote that I like to mention, is that Albert Einstein, in 1923-24, the years the was working on winning the Nobel Prize, spent much time away from home and university,  alone or with his two young sons,  in a rented “garden house” nestled in the trees.

If you can, build your own treehouse, if you need expert assistance, hire a treehouse consultant,  to advise you every so often, to keep you on path. Use recycled material when you can (should be clean, free of toxins like lead paint) and remove all old nails.




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